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  • October, 2018
  • 3 Tips to Take your event from Trying to Flying - Part1

    Organising Events: Where to start.

    When organising an event it can be the equivalent of staring at a blank piece of paper. Where do you start? What do you want? What does it look like? What is your definition of success?

    1) Pick your date

    This will give you a frame of reference for your plan. When you have selected this, you can then “plan backwards” to work out when things need to happen to deliver your desired outcome on that date.

    2) The “plan” and “to do” list

    You have to have enough lead-time to arrange your event, including enough time to purchase things required or for those invited to be able to arrange to attend! Hence point (1) being important. Create a list of things that you want for or at your event. Don't worry about formatting at this stage - that comes later - the process of bullet pointing will trigger all sorts of things that you hadn’t thought of but that are all necessary cogs in the machine. It will often highlight any of those little important details that really make an event and that are sometimes missed in a last minute rush. Organise related tasks into groups making them easier to complete effectively – you’ll probably see a few themes appearing which will help you to visualize what the finished event should look like and to eliminate any bits that don’t fit in with the overall feel that you are trying to get across.

    3) Picking your venue

    You may have used an experienced events company like ours which has a venue finding service or you may have been to or used the venue before – either way make sure you visit it again. Your venue will dictate a large amount of your event plan – there are obvious things like what address to put on your invitations, and it will also influence other things like insurance, accessibility, your seating plan and entertainment. Create a checklist of criteria to select a venue. It will make the decision making process so much simpler, being able to compare like-for-like, plus it means that you won't accidentally miss something important. Trust me at the end of the day when your feet hurt you’ll be grateful of it!

    Over to you...

    As you can see there is alot to think about! More tips coming soon. If you would like support to plan your event, from helping to identify your goals to providing an event plan to achieve them - get in touch at info@thehouseofrouse.co.uk to see how we can help.

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