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Our events are a platform through which you can achieve goals, designed to be measurable so you can hit your business goals and see your ROI.

Working with companies of all shapes and sizes, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, we help clients to achieve their targets, educate, stimulate and encourage participation.

How we've helped our clients:
* A large client saved a third on their recruitment budget and the event made a profit. Consequently, the cost of having the event and of hiring myself and my team to deliver it, was ZERO.
* As a result of our marketing and briefing plan, one town partnership tripled the number of independent businesses they were regularly in contact with, something crucial for their role.
* After engaging with us, one customer got that long sought after centre spread in the local paper.

We're looking for companies and individuals that want:
* More people buying.
* More people engaging.
* More people knowing who they are and what they do.
* More people attending.
* More people making more money.

If you hear one or more of the above from people in your network, direct them to us. Naturally, we offer a free consultation with no obligation, to show them how they can achieve their business goals through one of THOR's events.

Previous events included: festivals, conferencing, product launches, celebrations, recruitment, fund-raising for charity, community involvement, corporate functions with award ceremonies and themed social events.  See our testimonial section for details.