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About The House Of Rouse

The House Of Rouse (T.H.O.R.) is an organisational consultancy based in Nottingham, covering the Midlands.  After 20 years of supporting and organising for a variety of sectors, we launched as a new company in 2009, aiming to improve upon the services we had received ourselves over the years.

Where it all starts

We believe that to organise anything effectively, you have to know your client, understand what they stand for and what they are trying to achieve.  We initially provide a 1-2-1 consultation with all our clients to enable us to really get to know you better. 

How we differ

At The House of Rouse we also believe in you having a measurable return on your investment.  As part of our initial consultation we will discuss ways of measuring your needs, their impact on your business or effectiveness versus other traditional business methods.

Want to know how The House of Rouse can help you to achieve YOUR goals through events? Get in touch now.