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What does an event manager do?

This journey started a long time ago when I was working as an internal comms officer for a well-known warranty company, part of the financial sector.  My role was to design and deliver a varied comms strategy, with the aim of building staff morale, supporting the HR and Management functions, reducing staff turnover and effectively communicating messaging across a multi-level business.  Events played a big role in that.

When I approached a local events company, I felt they didn't really understand what I was trying to achieve - I wanted "measurables" in my events rather than them being just a "nice to have".  This feeling led to my approach to my business which launched in 2009.

What we add to the standard event management approach.

At The House of Rouse we also believe in you having a measurable return on your investment.  As part of our initial consultation we discuss ways of measuring your needs, their impact on your business or effectiveness versus other traditional business methods.

Previous events have included: festivals, conferencing, product launches, celebrations, recruitment, fund-raising for charity, community involvement, corporate functions with award ceremonies and themed social events - all with goals in mind. 

See our testimonial section for details.